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Insulating Materials

Insulating materials and accessories

Thermal insulation is an important issue in all areas of industrial plants where liquid metals are processed. This applies especially to continuous production processes.


An optimized insulation concept in casting operations will lead to minimized temperature losses. In addition to the savings in energy costs further benefits can be achieved:


  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Longer service life of refractory materials
  • Reduction of metal loss due to oxidation
  • Positive influence on the metal quality


With our wide product range we offer customized solutions and in addition to the advice, our services include also the implementation of thermal calculations.



  • Vacuum formed parts
  • Fiber paper
  • Ceramic Packages and cords
  • Ceramic fiber products
  • Earth alkali fiber products (bio-fibers)
  • Microporous insulation boards



  • Anchors
  • Adhesives and hardeners
  • Insulating repair and maintenance mastics
  • Joint mortars