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Pre-shaped Products

Pre-shaped parts and bulk materials

We manufacture refractory components individually according to customer design specifications. The materials are based on silica glasses (fused silica) which are used for casting aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys.


They are not wetted by the liquid metal and are characterized by excellent properties such as thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and very good corrosion resistance.


The production of the components is done by slip-casting process followed by ceramic firing. Typical products are:


  • Casting Spouts, Casting Cups and Cross Feeder
  • Floats and Stopper Pins for flow control on casting tables
  • Sleeves
  • Hot-Top-rings and Thimbles


Also for casting iron, steel and copper a comprehensive range of materials is available.
These cover the spectrum of unshaped products as well as the manufacture of pre-shaped parts.


We will gladly handle your request.